Physical and Chemical Propertiesl

1.Appearance:HPMC is white or whitish fibrillar/granular and odorless powder.

2.Dissolvability:HPMC is dissolvable in cold water and become clear or slightly cloudy liquidcement,but hardly in absolute ethyl alcohol,ethylether or propanone. In addition,HPMC is dissolvable in some organic solvevts or soce mixed solvents of water and organic solvent.

3.Granularity:Throughput rate:≥98.5%for 100 mesh and up to 100%for 80 mesh.

4.Apparent Density:0.30-0.70g/cm3,and density:1.26-1.31g/cm3.

Product Features:

1.Salt Resistance: HPMC is a type of nonionic cellulose ether rather than polyelectrolyte.Therefore,it is relatively stable in water where metal salt or organic electrolyte exists.However.exceessive amount of electroyte will lead to gelatinization and sedimenation.

2.Surface Activity: HPMC water solution has surface activity.which enables it to act as colloidal protective agent,emulsifying agent and dispersant agent.

3.Thermal Gelafinization: HPMC wate solution will turn to opaque gel and settle when heated to certain temperatnre,but it will restore to the original solution when it is, cooled down continually. The temperature leading to such gelatinization and sedimentation depends mainly on the types.concentration and heating rate of HPMC water solution.

4.PH Stability: The viscosity of HPMC water solution is hardly affected by acid or alkali.and it is relatively stable when pH value is in the range of 3.10 to 11.0.

5.Water Retention:HPMC is a type of high-efficiency water retention agent that is widely used in the production of ceramics,construction materials and many other fields.

6.Adhesivity:HPMC,as a type of high-performance binding agent,is applicable to the production of coloring pigments,tobacco products,ceramic products and papermaking.

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