Oh, my God. Thats how guanbeicellulose is made

Guanbeicellulose is a kind of macromolecular polysaccharide composed of glucose. As a very important dietary fiber, with the in-depth study of it, people are full of curiosity about how it is produced. Today, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the contents of these aspects to you.

Production method 1: cellulose is a kind of high molecular compound with abundant reserves in the world. The raw materials for its production come from wood, cotton, cotton linter, wheat straw, straw, reed, hemp, mulberry, Broussonetia papyrifera and bagasse, etc. Due to the lack of forest resources in China, 70% of cellulose raw materials come from non wood resources.

Production method 2: the fiber plant raw material and inorganic acid are mashed into pulp to make α - cellulose. After treatment, the cellulose is depolymerized, and then the non crystalline part is removed and purified to obtain guanbeicellulose.

In China, the average cellulose content of coniferous and broad-leaved wood is about 43-45%, and that of straw is about 40%. The industrial production of cellulose is to use sulfite solution or alkali solution to cook plant raw materials, mainly to remove lignin, which are called sulfite method and alkali method respectively.

Production method 3: cellulose made from wood pulp or cotton pulp. It is refined after bleaching and mechanical dispersion.

Production method 4: disperse the selected industrial wood pulp board, and then send it to the reaction kettle with 1-10% HCl added for temperature rise hydrolysis. The temperature is 90-100 ℃, and the hydrolysis time is 0.5-2h. After the reaction, it is sent to the neutralization tank, adjusted to neutral with liquid alkali. After filtration, the filter cake is dried at 80-100 ℃, and the product is crushed.

Mastering the above four common production methods will help you better understand its production process. If you are interested in this aspect, please continue to pay attention to us.

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